Resource Downloads

The following resource documents cover topics related to event production and planning.

The downloads are in PDF format and may require Adobe Reader to view. Get it here. Depending on your browser settings, the PDF files may open in your browser window. To download them directly to your computer, right-click on the link, and choose "Save Target as..." or "Save Linked File As..."

Audience Response System –

 It's feedback you want to hear

Tips for effectively using polling systems

iPad Video –

 Make better videos!

Tips for creating better videos

Lighting Gobo –

 You're in my light!

Projecting patterns and logos with lighting

Presentation Tips –

 Don't be nervous

How to present like a pro onstage and on-camera


 Comparing “apples to apples”

The 5 Ws of an effective proposal request

Screen Size and Placement –

 How projection ate my ballroom

Guidelines for selecting the proper screen size and placement

Site Visit –

 More than a menu tasting

Getting the nitty-gritty on your potential meeting space

Wardrobe Guidelines –

 What not to wear

Appearing professional when professionally appearing

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